Why you should make your own miniature dollhouse

Have you ever felt boring with making a dollhouse miniature kit? You want something else? you want more creative? You could build a miniature dollhouse by yourself. You can design it on your own way.

#Motivation to build a dreaming house

You can make your dreaming house in the future as a mini version. That will give you more motivation to work and build your real house.

#Practise for designer

With a designer, making a dollhouse will help you practise your design, you creative in real stuff, it just smaller than what you should do with your job

#Good habit to remove stress

Spent time to make a dollhouse will help you relax, a good habit in your free time will help you remove stress in your work and life time.

#supporting from miniature furniture kit

Things will become easier with the help from miniature furniture kit. You can do everything with your miniature dollhouse as your real house. Shopping any furniture and put it inside that dollhouse. From the wallpaper, the desk, the light everything inside the house to the greensward, the wattle,….

My creative miniature dollhouse

I actually did my designed dollhouse recently. The full house is covered by greensward and wattle. It is truly my dream house which have four part: “living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen is the part that I like most. I was very careful when built kitchen room with a desk that have a mini rich face point making table cutting board flour.