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It is not too hard to find a fast diet method. But if you have only 7 day to do it, diet with fruit should be the good method that you choose. This is a very friendly diet method because fruits always are the best friend of not only your weight but also your skin.

So what is fruit diet?

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In fact, there are a lot of fruits can provide energy and nutritive that are necessary for your body. when you choose diet with fruit, you have to make sure that fruit is the main food which appear in your menu. this method will help you lose 3kg to 7kg after only 7 days.

  • If you eat fruit everyday, you will have a healthy body
  • fruit is good for your skin
  • there are a lot of fruit that you can choose, help you not to feel boring.
  • You can make a juice (without sugar), detox  from fruit.
  • starch should be used a little to make sure you have enough energy for activation

How to diet with fruit:

Building a diet menu from fruits that you love, that sound very simple. But as any other diet method, make sure you are persistence and serious when making this diet plant. your attitude will decide if you success or not.

  • making sure 75% calories of the day come from fruits
  • Eating completely fruit in at least 2 main dish
  • diet plan have to last at least 5 days and above

Diet menu with fruit in 7 days:

# First day

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  • Breakfast: Banana, milk
  • Lunch: fruit salad
  • dinner: fruit salad

# Second day:

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  • Breakfast: apple, black bread
  • Lunch: applesauce and raisin
  • Dinner: black bread, apple and cucumber

# Third day:

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  • Breakfast: applesauce with raisin
  • Lunch: fish salad, orange
  • Dinner: apple and banana

# Fourth day:

  • Breakfast: black bread, apple
  • Lunch: avocado salad, cucumber, tomato
  • Dinner: carrot, apple and raisin

# Fifth day

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  • Breakfast: tomato, black bread
  • Lunch: tomato, jicama.
  • Dinner: tomato salad, cucumber

# Sixth day

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  • Breakfast: Banana and coconut
  • Lunch: Fruit salad with strawberry, banana and blueberry
  • Dinner: Apple salad and chicken breast

# Seventh day:

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  • Breakfast: grapefruit + egg
  • Lunch:  grapefruit and chicken breast
  • Dinner: Grapefruit salad

Diet with fruit in 7 days method not only help you lose your weight but also bring you a beautiful skin. Start from today to have a healthy body and lovely skin. Hoping you will successful with fruit diet method. Just keep persistence and serious.