You are a big fan of Nail Polish? 7 Nail Polish problems following must be familiar with you all. They are the things that every Polish lover have to faced on

1.Waiting for drying:

When do the nail, you have to paint at least 3 coat. Every coat have to take time to wait for it dry until you can apply the other. The waiting time really boring because your hands can not do anything but waiting for dry. You can only blow on it or flapping your hands like a bird with the hope that they will dry faster

2. Picking a nail polish colors:

There are a lot of beautiful polish colors. You will have several choice but it will become a trouble when it hard to make a decision what will be the next collor that you can put on your lovely nails.

3. Breaking a Nails.

This would be a nightmare with nail polish lover.  only one crack when you accidentally bang your hand against something could destroy beautiful nails and you have to take months to wait for nails growing again.

4.  Smudged nail polish

The terror and ordeal of fixing smudged nail polish is a misery on its own. Imagine, the tip to fix this is to lick that fingernail and wipe the polish upwards towards the edge. It’s nasty business, but hey, it works!

5. Chipped nail polish:

If you are a true nail polish lover you’d rather quarantine yourself than be seen in public with chipped nails. Not only do they look bad but they reflect negatively on you and your hygiene.

6. Nail polish that’s too thick

You keep a gun by your side because you’ll lose your cool by the time it dries off and you’d want to shoot someone. Or there is 99.99 per cent chance you will end up with smudged nails.

7. Take the nails paint off:

Trouble here is a smell of acetone, the thing that you will apply to remove nails polish. This could make you feel uncomfortable and stay so long in your room.

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