say goodbye to pizza, fried chicken, snack,… (Cr: dailymail)

when you are on fast diet plaint, nearly almost people only care about two factorial: fast and safe. That are two important element of all diet method. Therefore, 5 following diet methods with high effectively you should know

1, Remove completely all food that cause weight gain

Do you know what you eat will determine your avoirdupois? Here are kinds of food that you shouldn’t eat if you don’t want to be overweight.

  • sugary drink
  • soft drinks, alcoholic beverages
  • Drinks that is made from milk and sugar like smoothies
  • Drinks that was made for diet would affect to your weight

So, What should you drink? Fresh water is enough for you. Make sure you drink right and enough water that will help you lose weight faster and safer

2. Do exercise with high intensity:

exercise with high intensity will help you burn calories faster (Cr: Mag For Women)

It is very good if you are doing exercise every day. To lose weight faster, you should increase intensity in your exercise

3. “Burning your body” by spices

spices will help you burn fat (Cr: Frontier Co-op)

Do you know spices such as chili, pepper, ginger can burn fat? they have ability remove toxic in your body, help you lose weight. You can choose to cook your food with these spices

Even though spices could support your diet plant, you must attend to dosage. If you eat to much spaces, they would cause worse effectively to your health

4. Create healthy diet plaint:

Cr: Food Network

a scientific diet will help lose weight better. To choose fresh eating or low carb with mainly food have protein and vegetable. starch, sugar, fat grease must reduce or remove completely. That are factors cause overweight for nearly most people.

If you are interested in choosing and making food to be successful when diet. the best way should be boiled or steamed food

removing fast food, convenience food because you don’t know if they have any bad element which rise your weight.

5 Building a healthy mode of living:

sleep and wake up early, eating on time and optimistic is a secret to have a perfect body (Cr:Stackumbrella)

Healthy mode of living will affect to your weight. Therefore, if you chance and have your own healthy and scientific living will help your diet plaint

  • Sleep early, avoid stay up late at night
  • avoiding stress
  • thinking optimistic